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F-Gas Quota
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European Union
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Authorisation & Delegation of Quota

Quota Authorizations refer to the permits or licenses that authorize a company to buy and sell refrigerant quotas and allowances.

Companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry often seek Quota Authorizations for several reasons. These authorizations provide businesses with the legal framework to participate in the refrigerant quota market, facilitating compliance with environmental regulations and ensuring they operate within permissible emission limits.

Alongside bulk gas, HFCs present in pre-charged equipment are included in European and UK F-Gas quota systems.

Pre-charged equipement is equipment designed to contain fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) before it is sold to an end user (e.g. fridges, heat pumps, air conditioners).

Companies that import such goods require the right amount of delegated authorizations to match the quantity of HFC's present in the equipment.

Speak to one of our advisors today regarding your import plan and receive tailor made advice about your specific quota needs.

Our knowledge of regulatory and legal frameworks helps you maintain compliance and minimise risk.

Sourcing and Procurement

  • Identifying and sourcing products
    We research and identify the products you want to import, taking into account market demand, quality, and price considerations.
  • Supplier selection
    We evaluate potential suppliers, negotiating terms, and establishing relationships with reliable manufacturers or suppliers.

Import Documentation & Compliance

  • Import regulations and compliance
    We help you stay up-to-date with import regulations, tariffs, customs duties, and any trade restrictions imposed.
  • Documentation and paperwork
    We manage the necessary documentation, which may include import permits, customs declarations, bills of lading, and certificates of origin.
  • Customs clearance
    We coordinate with customs brokers to ensure that the goods are legally and smoothly imported.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

  • Order Placement
    We place orders for the required goods. This involves specifying quantities, delivery dates, and terms of payment.
  • Transportation and shipping
    We organize the transportation of goods from the supplier's location to the importing country, selecting appropriate shipping methods.